Why Montessori-Philosophy

At Great Minds Nursery we follow the Montessori Approach as we strongly believe that children are inherently good and if they are exposed to correct and full of stimuli environment they flourish. Our aim is to have happy, independent and confident children who will easily adjust and succeed in any environment, later in life. Therefore we have created an environment that promotes all areas of learning:
    • We promote personal, social and emotional development through practical life skills, cultural activities and role modelling.
    • We target on communication, language and literacy through literacy activities and story telling in a language rich environment.
    • We improve problem solving, reasoning and numeracy through sensorial and counting.
    • We support understanding of the world through culture and sensorial activities and environmental exploration.
    • We focus on the physical development through indoor and outdoor activities.
    • We enhance creative environment through art,craft,music,movement,drama and spontaneous play.