Training and Workshops

Several workshops are conducted throughout the year in order to engage parents in the care and education of their children. These workshops take place once per term are free of charge and are conducted by doctors, therapists, psychologists, nurses and educators. The topics that have been covered so far include:
    • Montessori system-program and implementation
    • First Aid and Family Safeguarding
    • How to deal with tantrums.
    • How to raise healthy children
    • Bilingualism
    • Developmental milestones
    • Dealing with language delay

    The purpose of these workshops are to educate guardians on daily living situations associated with their little ones. Parents go through phases of stress, guilt and anxiety about the way they raise their children. There are questions that need answers and feelings that need to be addressed. Our aim is to provide support to our families, answer their questions and comfort their feelings. In addition we create a positive environment where they have the chance to liaise with other parents and share their views.