We build on this basic Montessori academic curriculum by enriching our students’ school experiences with the addition of Cooking and Sensorial, Music, Art and Physical Activities. Our students also have the opportunity to begin to learn Arabic by attending Arabic classes twice per week.

Intergraded Enrichment Activities


Cooking and Sensorial Class Program

During our cooking and sensorial classes our students have the opportunity to experience different textures and food consistency and practice all their developmental skills from their senses to their comprehension and motor abilities

Music Class Program

Main goal of music program is based on approach to teaching music and movement. Through Music Classes students work toward awakening their own musicality and inner rhythms, learning about music, musicians and musical instruments. Music class is integrated into all levels and takes place once a week for 30 minutes. A typical class has mix of activities through three parts:
  • Music lesson (10minutes)
  • Singing & creative movement (10minutes)
  • Individual work (10minutes)
The classes focus on the improvement of sound location and perception, discrimination, memory, sequencing memory, attention and phonological awareness.

Objectives for Art Activities

Early childhood is a time for children to learn and develop artistic fundamentals. Art activities are engaging for nursery children because they are an opportunity for hands-on creation, which is how children retain information most effectively and efficiently at this age. Motor skills and eye-hand coordination skills are also developed through nursery art activities.

Physical Activities

Great minds nursery provides physical activities to students during the regular operating hours. The classes are interactive, fun and enhance gross motor movement, spatial orientation and physical strength. The main focus for this age group is gross motor control and cooperation with the group. Children enjoy activities such as running, jumping, balancing, and playing with balls.