Calender pdf

Day Month Events
Tuesday August 20th First day for Nursery Viewings
Tuesday August 27th First day for Staff
Monday September 2nd Orientation Day for New Students
Tuesday September 3rd First Day for Students
Saturday November 9th Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday* (nursery closure only if announced by MOE)
To be announced November Parent/Teacher Conferences
Saturday November 30th Martyrs Day*(related nursery closure only if announced by MOE)
Monday December 2nd U.A.E. National Day* (related nursery closure only if announced by MOE)
Thursday December 19th End of First Term –Winter Break
Day Month Events
Sunday January 5th Term Begins
To be announced February Inset Training Day (nursery closed)
To be announced March Parent/Teacher Conferences
Sunday March 22nd Isra’a Miraj ( Anticipated islamic/ National Holiday-Subject to Lunear Calendar)
Thursday March 26th End of Second Term
Day Month Events
Sunday March 29th Term Begins
Friday April 24th Anticipated beginning of Ramadan- nursery hours shortened
To be announced May Inset Training Day (nursery closed)
Sunday May 24th Eid Al Fitr* (related nursery closure only if announced by MOE)
Thursday June 25th Last day of school
Day Month Events
Sunday June 28th Summer Term Begins
Thursday August 29th Summer Term Ends